Tuesday, December 1, 2009

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We hate to discontinue the blog but the ease of uploading photos and Facebook's interactive interface was the best step forward for Team ASAM.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

PRPP CR - By Raymond

Went down to PRPP with doubts as heard the CR not so good...
Since Dec so decided tis is my last trip for Pond fishing for 2007.

Reached ard 1940.
End ard 2240.

Bait = Live prawn
Fishing method = Floater
Total catch = 3
Fish pui hook @ me = 1
Fish eat bait dun eat hook = 2

Overall rating = 5/10
No plastic bag provided reason ran out. Need me to buy @ shop selling bait.
Setting up half way come collect $$$
Fish released = Taiwan Ngor

Below is the catches.
Rod used. (My Lucky Rod ! Nearly Sold away !)

Reel used.

2nd Catch.

Total Catch.

Notice the skin of the Sagai... It was sick... Wanted to release it.. But in the end gave it to a uncle and his fren...

When i left they caught only a med Sagai and a Taiwan Ngor.. the rest of the peeps no catch... CR pretty bad there..

Monday, November 12, 2007

Marin South Paypond CR - 10/11/07

If you had noticed, we have not been actively fishing for the past 3 months! In an attempt to end our fishing "drought", 3 members of the team decided to head down to Marina Paypond. The reason why Marina South Paypond was chosen over the other available payponds was pretty simple. This was a new "hunting ground" for us, and it has been confirmed that it was going to be closed down soon, so we jumped at the chance as soon as Raymond suggested it.

Being a typical Saturday morning, there was already quite a crowd when we arrived at the place. With a light drizzle over the area, Ho, Raymond and myself quickly paid for our rods before commencing to cast out our baits of dead prawns, dead kembong and live prawns.

Team A.S.A.M in action - Raymond and Ho preparing their tackles.

Raymond picking up his freshly landed Golden Pomfret by the fin.

The place was quite small, with a triangular pond and the nets in the centre. The disadvantage was that people tend to cross their lines with the design of the pond, but the smaller pond meant that the fish had lesser space to roam, meaning that the chance of landing a hungry fish was higher. The place also had taps near to each table, which was kind of handy for you to wash up after you had prepared your bait. (i.e cutting of kembong)

At the end of the day, we managed to land a total of 6 fishes - 3 Golden Pomfrets, 2 Star Snappers (Peh Tiam), 1 Seabass (Kim Bak Lor) and 1 Mangrove Jack (Chia Zhor), our rewards for fishing in the rain.